[ Server Patch ]

- Increased vortec spawns in Delta.
- Added new vortec battleship fleets in Delta.
- Increased spawn rate of mid-high level fleets in Delta.
- Increased battle asteroid health.
- Increased battle asteroid spawn rate.
- Frontier battles always contain at least a few asteroids.
- Increased shield overcharge on buildings after battle.
- Massive reduction in salvaging time.
- Turned on corporation chip payouts, payouts will start midnight tomorrow as it needs at least 24 hours of reveneue reports.
- Faster fleet warping.
- Pirates will no longer auto attack you if you are over 3 times their strength.
- Removed all old pre-1.5 code, new event types in development now, with contribution shown for corp events.

[ Further changes requiring a new update on the store, coming soon ]

- Added no pvp restriction for Tutorial region.
- Added post battle shields to allow for quick warp out.
- Removed bombardment messages from corp chat, they have moved to being "top screen" alerts only.
- Added building names to more screens.
- Bombardment and outpost attacks in Frontier are only allowed if at war, no restrictions in Delta.
- Lower corp member count to 35. ( This wont be done until after the new version is on the store, so you have lots of time to sort out members )
- Bountys activated.
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