Hi everyone, I am in the final stages of v1.5 development and will begin testing shortly, this means a release will be coming next month!

Due to how massive this update is there are a few things that will be a bit strange while it launches.
Because most of the new features are not compatible with the current version, there are a lot of things that need to be patched to make sure the update process is as smooth as possible.

So for a brief overview of what is going to happen:

First the servers will be prepped for v1.5, this should have no impact on the current version with the exception that the game feed will no longer update, this is because it has been completely replaced in the new version and the code was not compatible.

Next the v1.5 version will appear on the stores and you will be able to download it, once you have it you will be able to play all of the new features but anyone still on the old version will be flying around in the old gamma and beta sectors, v1.5 players will be in the new gamma and beta sectors.

This is the tricky part of the update, some people will still be on the old version because not all the app stores are able to release their update at the same time, so for a day or two both versions of the game will be running.

Once 1.5 appears on the stores I will aim to move any existing corporation outposts into the new regions, old outposts will stop generating revenue and the new ones will start.
I aim to have a period of time where attacking outposts will be "locked" while everyone moves to the new version, this will stop people attacking the old/new outposts while all the app stores release the new version. I still need to do testing on this though.

So, aside from outposts being a bit odd for a day or two there should be no major issues.
This is the easiest I could make the transition to 1.5 without shutting down the game for several days, but it is well worth it, as I keep mentioning this is a massive release and is the biggest rewrite of the game since launch.

For all the details on the update keep an eye on www.aqfirstcontact.com/update
I will also be updating that page soon as there are some features that are not listed!

Thanks everyone, enjoy!

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