[Server Patch]

- Increased max drop rate for research fragments ( per drop ).
- Research fragment drop rate increased.
- Pirate protection fleets ( the ones circling in areas ) will now join the defense for any fight where their corporation is defending, no more strange ai issues.
- Pirate fleets will not join any fights in The Edge, so new players are not overwhelmed.
- Leaderboard server rework, fixes corporation and recent scores showing some scores that should be removed.
- Added support for new player chat channel.
- Xeno are more aggressive in their home area, and all fleets will join in defense.
- Night raven railguns in The Edge have been reduced in strength.


New player chat channel will show for anyone unranked-gold, you will need the next version to see it.
As the leaderboard is a rolling score it will take a week or so for the scores to adjust.
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