[ Speed test update ]

Getting loads of good feedback on the speed test but with the downside it is too fast.
I am making changes based on all the feedback I've had so far, here are the changes for the next test, this is live now:

- Tick rate: 2.0x
- Ship speed: 1.4x
- Projectile speed: 1.4x
- All weapon/fitting fire rate: 1.2x
- Ability damage: 1.2x
- Ship shield regen: 1.2x


- Warp shields will no longer apply when warping out - Only warp in and after battles.
- Battle area size increased.
- Battle spawn points moved further outwards.
- Battle entities like shield gens, dust clouds aura size increased.
- More Core sectors and normal sectors for Gamma.
- Subsystems start at 50% charge.
- Increased fleet speed in sector.