[ Update News ]

Hi all, there is a server update and a new version inbound soon, here are the patch notes, some will be active as soon as the next server patch is applied, some need the new version on the store.

[ Server Patch ]

- Minor fixes for some loading issues when switching connections from wifi to mobile.
- Adding support for figher stats.
- Adding support for repair drone stats.
- Added new drop chances to salvage.
- Added support for corporation event contributions.
- Fix for outpost capture failing if the battle overlaps with a project being completed.

[ New Version ]

- More subsystem storage.
- More hanger space.
- Fighter stats screen.
- Repair drone stats screen.
- Extra stats on ship inspector.
- Mailbox updates to sync read state with the server.
- Event contribution board for corporation events.
- Performance increase for reopening map views.
- Fixed green tint on ships when nearly destroyed.
- Allow viewing of item stats when the workshop is busy.
- Press and hold on marketplace buttons.
- News ticker, rank and scores added to map view.

The new version has been submitted to the stores and is awaiting review.

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