What devices can I play on?

You can play on any iPhone, iPad, Facebook Gameroom, Amazon Fire or any Android device with Google play.

What new features are coming?

There is an in game roadmap, you can see all the things I am working on there.

I forgot my password!

You can reset your password here. You can also use Google Play, Amazon or Gamecenter logins depending on what device you play on.

Can I play with people on other devices?

Yes, AQ: First Contact is a single universe, every player joins the same game. It is completely cross platform.

How do I unlock research?

Research is a key part of progressing, research will drop from ships after battles. Ships will drop different research depending on what they have equipped. Destroyers with Swarm missiles will drop Destroyer and Swarm research.

How do I capture Outposts?

Outposts are important for Corporations, to capture them you need to be in a Corporation. Once you have created or joined a Corporation you can attack Outposts. Destroy them to capture them for your Corporation.

Account Removal

If you want your login data removed from our systems please use the in game help email and make a request.
All your email, Gamecenter and Google Play login data will be permanently deleted. You will not be able to recover your account after making this request.
Some game data will be retained for fraud prevention and/or to adhere to any legal requirements.

I need more help!

Go to the settings page in game and click the support button, it will send me an email with some extra information to help me debug any issues.