[Server Patch]

- I am removing more old 1.5 code - This should have no impact on the game but its progress towards getting 1.5 100% feature complete.
- Shutdown of old sectors as no one has access anymore ( 1.5 is required to play )
- Spawns are being updated all accross the regions, there will be more preset spawns of lower level fleets.
- More lower level spawns will have research drops.
- Fixed cells and rigging not counting down when doing multiple battles in the same region.
- Fleets intercepting miners will now spawn much further away, so you have time to avoid.
- Increased costs for outpost upgrading ( now that corps with outposts in the old sectors have had time to upgrade )
- Reduced bombardment damage from single fleets.
- Opening bombardment to everyone ( pending feedback this might have some restrictions, we will see )
- Fixed warp keys giving the same duration access to xeno area.
- Disputed region will no longer spam feeds.
- Added more spawns accross everywhere.
- Some spawms now have a suffix on their name indicating what tech they use most.
- Improved fleet AI in regions so they will give up chasing a target and attack someone else if they are being avoided for too long.
- Defense fleets no longer auto attack red sun or night raven.
- Random fleets are less aggressive.
- Fixed fleets going loco after a while of mining.
- There is now a small rate limit on sending challenge requests to stop spam.
- Hunts now reapper more often. ( More hunt types will be added soon )

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