[ Balancing patch ]

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. I have just released a balancing patch, it is mostly aimed at tweaking AML to be better matched against weapons of the same MK level. Here are the changes:

- AML: Max shots and damage adjusted per MK level.
- Missile: Armor adjusted per MK level.
- Pod: Armor adjusted per MK level.
- Javelin: Armor adjusted per MK level.
- ENuke: Armor adjusted per MK level.
- Missile: Fire rate slight reduction.
- Repair Drones: Repair strength reduction.
- Increased ship hanger size.

All projectile weapons that can be shot down have had a slight armor reduction on MK1 and a slight boost on MK3 with MK2 staying the same.
AML has had its damage changed based on the MK level, meaning an MK1 AML can no longer shoot down MK3 projectiles as easly, but an MK3 AML can now shoot down more MK1/2 projectiles.

As this is a shift in the current meta I will be keeping an eye on things and as always you can send email feedback. If there needs to be more tweaking on the AML numbers I will do it next week after this patch has had time to settle.

Thanks everyone!
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