[ Update News ]

Sorry about the downtime, there were some issues with a dead server. It is all fixed now and I will add some downtime rewards to your inboxes.

I have another server update inbound:

- Added battles with the Valliant into the raid boss replay board.
- Updated reporting system to help with repeat offenders.
- Added a new chat ban level for repeat or more serious offenders that blocks all messaging even inside corp and group chat.
- Added support to view replays for a corporation, this will list all battles by any corporation member. ( Requires new version download )
- Increased wait time between dice rolls.
- Updated all fitting and weapon timers to be based on the cpu requirements and type (weapon or fitting) so they become more consistent.
- Updated networking engine to improve performance during heavy server load.

[ Notes ]

Timers have mostly gone down on weapons and fittings, they have been reduced by several days on things like fighter bays and AML and on pulse bombs. There are however a few cases where they have increased, such as Repair drones as their cpu is close to fighters and enukes.
Overall timers are now lower, if you were to craft one of everything you would save weeks of time.
The timers are also adjusted based on the size of the weapon or fitting so mk1 weapons and fittings are even faster, making it easier for new players even more.
There is a new version submitted to the app stores, it will be released as soon as it has passed the store review.
I am now preparing the windows version for release, for anyone wondering the PC version is the same universe, you can share everything between different devices.

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