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Hi everyone, I have had word from Facebook that they are shutting down Gameroom.

The shutdown won't happen until next year ( June 30, 2021 ) and you will be able to play AQ on Gameroom for many months, but you should all know this is happening.

As AQ is fully cross platform I advise any players on Gameroom to secure their accounts with an email address and move to using a mobile device. I will use Facebook's redirect to explain the situation and provide download links for the mobile versions.

Moving to a mobile version of the game is not possible for everyone so I will endeavour to create a standalone version people can download and play on PC. However, this is not without issues, one such issue being in-app purchases.

I will not be able to offer in-app purchases through the PC version, however If you would like to use the PC version of the game and support the development you can always link an email address and use a mobile version just for purchases, this isn't ideal but for now it is the only way.

The good news is the PC version of the game performs very well and there are no issues with cross play. The removal of Gameroom also means I will be able to use new versions of Unity and benefit from newer features and performance increases on all platforms.
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