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[ Fleet CPU ]

Hi everyone, as some of you know I am currently testing a version of the game with Fleet CPU removed. Fleet CPU has always been a bit of a hurdle for new players and it can be confusing when you equip new items on a ship and it suddenly can't fly due to Fleet CPU caps.

I have completed 90% of the development on this new version and I am testing right now.
The plan is to remove Fleet CPU and replace the Fleet cpu per fleet level with fleet bonuses per level.

Skill points will all stay the same, you won't lose anything and you will still gain them in the same way.
Just to confirm, this is only FLEET CPU, ship cpu is not changing.

Every time you level up a fleet it will be given new bonuses such as increased mining speed, increased bombardment damage, bonuses to parts and research found after battles etc.
Any Fleet CPU boosters you have will be swapped for a new booster, I'm not 100% sure on this new booster yet as I want to make sure it's just as good.

There will be new fleet boosters coming soon as well, for bombardment strength, mining speed and others to match these new fleet bonuses, allowing you to focus more on what you want to do with each fleet.

I will be completing testing in the next couple of days so I will give a release date asap.

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