Server Patch
[ Server Patch ]

A server patch was applied this morning:

- Increased hanger size.
- Increased subsystem storage.
- Adjusted aiming for projectile weapons.
- Fixed new ships showing correctly on the region view.

[ Notes ]

I have made some adjustments to how ships auto aim, they are now a little less accurate.
This used to be done by just adjusting the distance the turrets "track" for, so they would always fire a little too far back if their aim was low.
I have changed this so they actually have a bit off a random offset to their target as well, this seems to play better and dodging is more practical now.
I have also made it so this can be changed on the fly, without a server update, so if I need to adjust it in the future it wont require waiting on a new patch.

[ Tests ]

I am also running some experiments with having shipwrecks blown up after a short period of time, rather than stay until the end of the battle. ( This could be a reactor meltdown and the explosion could cause damage to all ships around it )

My current tests involve giving destroyed ships a "hull" health bar that goes down over time and when taking damage. When it is depleted the ship will blow up, damaging all ships around it and removing it from the battle.

I will give more updates about this as I get through more development on it.

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