Rep Drone
[ Server Patch ]

- Slight increase to energy cost.
- Lowered recharge time.
- Increased duration and shots fired.

Rocket Pod
- Increased shots fired.
- Increased ability recharge time.

- Increased max target spread from 3 to 5.

Power Armor
- Buff to armor amount.

Pulse Bomb
- Buff to damage.

- Buff to armor.

- Lowered required cpu. ( This will also lower associated costs )

Repair Drone
- Released

[ Other ]

- You can no longer place bounties on Unranked and Bronze ranked players.
- You can destroy your own auxillary buildings. ( owner of corp only, requires new update incoming to stores soon )
- Added dedicated enuke night raven spawns.
- Added vortec rep drone spawns.
- New players recieve arbiter in their hanger.
- Added more corvette only fleets into frontier.
- Added Growth bonus to corporation reveneue.

[ Notes ]

There are other updates coming as soon as stores accept the new update.
I will be adding repair drone tech to the event this weekend so people can play with it quicker.
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